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Los Caminantes are a Mexican Grupera band hailing from San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato Originally led by 4 brothers Brigido Ramirez, Agustin Ramirez, Horacio Ramirez and Martin Ramirez. In 1979 Originally named Los Caminantes Aztecas, formed by brothers Brígido,Agustin Horacio, Martín and along with Humberto "Pecas" Navarro in the mid-1970s. They released Supe Perder a song wrote by leader Brigido Ramirez published by on Luna Records in 1983. that first album Included hits, "Supe Perder," "Para Que Quieres Volver" and "Dime Si Me Quieres." Tragic beginnings: in 1986 the band witnessed its first automotive accident where brother and leader and base player Brigido Ramirez injured his shoulder which was when Mario Sotelo was invited to join the band and assist Brigido with playing the base.then in 1987 tragedy struck again in that year was when Martin Ramirez keyboard player Died tragically in a bus accident, the band devastated took a short break to later make a come back with Mario Sotelo in the keyboard Delivering their hit album dedicated to fallen brother and band mate named "Gracias Martin". 1988 another turning point for los caminantes only this time was brother Brigido who had a fallout with brothers Agustin and Horacio over leadership of the band and brigido then exited the band to create his band called Los Zetas. but it seemed every time tragedy struck the band would bounce back stronger than ever, around 1993 was when the last brother and founder was ejected from the band Horacio Ramirez, only this time the fallout was because of personal issues with Horacio, left crippled with no lead Guitar Mario Sotelo jumped in and brought in Ricardo Tarazon to replace Horacio ramirez on the lead guitar, Mario's relationship with local bands made it easy for him to find great musicians to keep to show going also bringing Salvador to help out manager and drummer Humberto Navarro. Los Caminantes with leading voice of the last standing brother Agustin together with Humberto Navarro Mario Sotelo Ricardo Tarazon Salvador the band was reborn pumping out album after album topping charts with regional Mexican music. tragidy hit again in 2010 when Lead singer Agustin Ramirez had a near to fatal automobile accident sending him to the hospital and leaving confined to a bed at this point it seemed as if los caminantes where finally giving up or throwing in the towel with their lead singer on the border of life and death and the whole band at his bedsite, Mario Sotelo took charge of the situation and promised Agustin he would continue with their obligations filling in for lead voice until he made a full recovery, after 7 months Agustin Ramirez returned to regain his position as lead singer of the band. In 2011 the band was hit with yet another tragedy when their original drummer and manager Humberto Navarro suddenly died, it was an unexpected blow to Los Caminantes, The band played on.

Throughout the mid '80s to mid '90s, the band had a number of Billboard chart hit albums such as 1986's De Guanajuato...Para America! with hit song, "Amor Sin Palabras" ("Love Without Words").

Caminantes are also known for their playing of variety Regional Mexican styles, e.g., Ranchera, Corrido, Balada, Cumbia, Banda and Mariachi. They have recorded over 30 albums throughout their career span and had numerous song collaborations with high profile Regional Mexican acts (Diana Reyes, Patrulla 81, Polo Urías y su Maquina Norteña, Banda Pachuco, etc.).




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