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Los Chunguitos are a Spanish rumba group from Badajoz, Extremadura, formed in Vallecas, Madrid in 1973.

The group's nucleus was the three brothers Juan (1955), Manuel (1962), and Jose Salazar (1958), whose uncle was the flamenco singer Porrina de Badajoz. Their sisters, Toñi and Encarna, sang backup and would later go on to success on their own as Azucar Moreno.

The name "Los Chunguitos" comes from the pastime of throwing small stones at trains. They began as street buskers, playing in Madrid. In 1977, they auditioned at the offices of record label EMI, and producer Raul Ros convinced the label to sign them.[1] They became hitmakers both in their own country and across Europe with songs such as "Dame veneno". They also appeared in the soundtracks to films such as Deprisa, Deprisa, Perros callejeros, and Dias contados.

The group plays rumba influenced by flamenco and Romani music. Their lyrics often touch on poverty and misfortune.

The group is still performing, although Manuel has left the group; the remaining brothers perform as Brothers Salazar.


  • Abre tu corazon, la tranca de diego agua la laguna
  • Buena Suerte
  • De Pura Sangre
  • Marcha
  • Auténtico (1999)
  • Dame veneno (1973-2004)
  • Grandes Éxitos
  • Morir de amor


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