Los Esclavos Dam

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Los Esclavos Dam
Los Esclavos Dam is located in Guatemala
Los Esclavos Dam
Location of Los Esclavos Dam
Official name Planta Hidroeléctrica Los Esclavos
Location Cuilapa (Santa Rosa)
Coordinates 14°15′12″N 90°16′36″W / 14.25333°N 90.27667°W / 14.25333; -90.27667Coordinates: 14°15′12″N 90°16′36″W / 14.25333°N 90.27667°W / 14.25333; -90.27667
Opening date 1966
Dam and spillways
Impounds Los Esclavos River
Total capacity 225,000 m3

The Los Esclavos Dam (Spanish: Planta Hidroeléctrica Los Esclavos) is a reinforced concrete gravity dam and power plant spanning the Los Esclavos River in the town of Los Esclavos, in Cuilapa, Escuintla, Guatemala.[1]

The dam's reservoir has a total capacity of 225,000 m3.[1] The water is transported to the powerhouse through a 1.33 km long channel and a 175 m long pressure pipe.[1] The plant has 2 × 7 MW Francis turbines, with a total installed capacity of 14 MW. The plant has a net level declination of 108 m, and a designed flow of 7.68 m3/s per unit.[1]

The plant's total power generation between 1966 and 2006 was 1,947.05 GWh,[1] which amounts to an average annual power generation of 48.68 GWh.


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