Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District

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Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District is a public school district based in Los Fresnos, Texas (USA).

In addition to Los Fresnos, the district serves the towns of Bayview and Indian Lake as well as the communities of Arroyo Gardens-La Tina Ranch, Chula Vista-Orason, Del Mar Heights, Green Valley Farms, Laureles, and Olmito. Portions of Brownsville and Rancho Viejo also lie within the district.

In 2009, the school district was rated "recognized" by the Texas Education Agency.[1]


High School (Grades 9-12)[edit]

  • Los Fresnos High School
  • Los Fresnos United Ninth Grade Campus

Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)[edit]

  • Resaca Middle School
  • Los Cuates Middle School
  • Liberty Memorial Middle School

Elementary Schools (Grades PK-5)[edit]

  • Las Yescas Elementary
  • Laureles Elementary
  • Lopez-Riggins Elementary
  • Los Fresnos Elementary
  • Olmito Elementary
  • Palmer-Laakso Elementary
  • Villareal Elementary
  • Rancho Verde Elementary
  • Dora Romero Elementary


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