Los Helicópteros

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Los Helicópteros
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Pop rock
Years active 1981–1987 & 2000 - Present
Labels PolyGram
Distribuidora Belgrano Norte
Website loshelicopteros.com
Members Uki Goñi
Marcelo O'Reilly
Ramiro Bustos Fierro
Chapete César

Argentine music band formed in 1981 by Uki Goñi, Marcelo O'Reilly, Ramiro Bustos Fierro and Chapete César.

Los Helicópteros recorded four LPs before their split-up in 1987, the first three on the Mercury label for PolyGram and the fourth with DBN.

The band ushered in a new era of pop music in Argentina (they defined their style as "Pep Music") that revolutionized the 1980s local music scene, starting with their monumental 1982 hit "Radio Venus" from their first LP Música Pep.

In 2005, the four original members released a fifth CD, Girasoles under the EPSA music label in Argentina.


Year Title
1982 Música Pep
1983 Tic-Tic
1984 Los Helicópteros
1986 Fuego & Cemento
2005 Girasoles


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