Los Melódicos

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Los Melódicos are a Latin dance band from Venezuela that plays a blend of Colombian, Cuban and Dominican rhythms. The orchestra was assembled by Renato Capriles in Caracas during the late 1950s, making their debut in a local radio station on July 15, 1958. Led by Capriles, the orchestra was voted by a Caracas journalist association as the best Venezuelan orchestra that year.

Since their foundation Los Melódicos has released more than 100 original albums and has toured extensively in Venezuela, Colombia, and in the top Hispanic circles of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, being awarded in Venezuela 139 times, as well in Colombia (9) and United States (5). Leads singers in their history includes Emilita Dago, Manolo Monterrey, Víctor Piñero, Rafa Galindo, Chico Salas, Roberto Antonio, Diveana and Perucho Navarro.

Close to their 60th anniversary, Los Melódicos still touring and recording under Capriles direction.