Los Pedroches

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Location of Los Pedroches in the province of Córdoba
Landscape of Los Pedroches at Los Muros, near Cardeña.
Ermita Virgen de La Luna de Los Pedroches

Los Pedroches or Valle de los Pedroches is a comarca in Córdoba Province, Andalusia, southern Spain. It is located at the northern end of the province. The main town is Pozoblanco.

The climate of the comarca is continental. It is the northernmost Andalusian territory.

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38°25′N 04°45′W / 38.417°N 4.750°W / 38.417; -4.750Coordinates: 38°25′N 04°45′W / 38.417°N 4.750°W / 38.417; -4.750