Los Pinchudos

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Los Pinchudos is an elaborate Chachapoya tomb complex, perched into a high rock cleft in one of Peru's northern Andean cloud forests. Los Pinchudos is located in Río Abiseo National Park, a natural and cultural World Heritage Site, guarded and closed to all except scientific missions. The clay and stone tombs of the complex have wooden roofs and are painted in red, yellow, black, and white colors. Anthropomorphic carvings featuring large phalluses are responsible for giving the site its name.[1]

Due to the tombs' deteriorated condition, a result of seismic activity, exposure to the harsh tropical environment, and damage by tourists, Los Pinchudos was listed in the 2000 World Monuments Watch by the World Monuments Fund.[2] In 2000 American Express offered $47,000 through the Fund for an emergency conservation and structural stabilization project.[3] While these emergency actions were successful, the site was also listed on the 2002 World Monuments Watch in order to raise awareness for additional conservation work required at the site and for the need of a permanent site management plan.[4]


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