Los Premios 40 Principales

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Premios 40 Principales
Awarded for Best in Spanish and International music
Country Spain
Presented by Los 40 Principales
First awarded December 16, 2006
Official website http://www.premios40principales.es/

Los Premios 40 Principales is an award show by the musical radio station Los 40 Principales. Created in 2006 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the worldwide station.


Top 40 music station is the most important in Spain, with 4,089,000 listeners in 2012, and the second strand of the country radio audience just behind the Cadena SER, in the same group. At first, began as a musical called Top 40 Radio in Madrid, from Cadena SER. After the program finished airing on 10 stations in the chain. At first lasted two hours later it was four, and eight hours later, when the program was transferred to the weekly edition on Saturday. The program was recorded, was sent to stations by geography Cadena SER Spanish and emitted as these, all at once, at the agreed time. Due to the success of the program, especially among young people, more and more hours of programming copaba and began to create his own style, the "Style 40" based on a language agile, dynamic, youthful, casual, for a very young audience where they compete in important music, music information and how to present the album. Wave Media was critical to convey that "Style 40" because we must not forget, the FM the tune a minority and Saturday afternoons Medium Wave stations emit eight hours of "Top 40" where listeners could choose the number 1. Thanks to the success of the program, and increased FM transmitters and receivers, Top 40 daily duration was increased in 1979 to reach 24 hours of daily broadcast stations radiofórmula new Top 40, still belonging to the Cadena SER . In 1985 began broadcasting via satellite and in the 1987-1988 season, constituted as radio station, Cadena 40 Principales, now independent of the Cadena SER, but still under the control of PRISA Group, who owns both chains.

Top 40 Waves received the award in the category National Radio in 1985. In 1998 both received Ondas Awards for Best Presenter Joaquin Luqui Musical Program and the 40 to 1 for Best TV Specialist Program. The program Your place or mine got in 2000 Ondas Award Most Innovative Radio Program, original and for their service to society. In 2004, the alarm Anda Ya! received the Innovation Award to radio waves. In 2010, Frank White is awarded the Gold Antenna Federation of Radio and Television Spain1


  • On 18 July 1966 born in Madrid Radio Cadena SER radio program Top 40, predecessor of today from 40 to 1 and inaugurator 40 list. His first number 1 is Monday, Monday by The Mamas & the Papas. Soon ten stations extending over SER.2 Chain
  • 1979 They become pioneers in the system at the opening of the first radiofórmulas stations Top 40, although these are still part of the Cadena SER.
  • 1985 Celebration of the 1000 first weeks on the air on Saturday November 2 reaching the Number 1 Dancing In The Street David Bowie & Mick Jagger. Emission begins across Spain Top 40 satellite.
  • 1987 The Top 40 stations are independent from Cadena SER, becoming Chain Top 40. First broadcasts via satélite.2
  • 1988 They become the most popular station in Spain ahead of conventional broadcasters. Rozan 5,000,000 listeners.
  • 1990 begins airing regularly on television the list from 40 to 1, Canal + by Fernandisco.
  • 1991 Celebrate the 25th Anniversary. In September of that same year, one of his most famous speakers, José Antonio Abellán, leaves the station.
  • 1992 His creator and sole director until then, Rafael Revert, leaves the station. Luis Merino is appointed new director and gives a twist to the station by focusing an audience under 25 years trying to corner the market between 16 and 20 years. Sound emission begins digital.2
  • 1996 are present in first Internet. Also, Javier Pons replaces Luis Merino in radiofórmula address.
  • 1997 sees the light 40 Card in collaboration with La Caixa.
  • On 1 September 1998 is launched 40 television channel TV, satellite platform Canal Digital, Canal + current.
  • 2000 was internationalize its presence in Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. In this year, Jaume Baró is responsible for the direction of the station.
  • 2004 first appears on newsstands Magazine 40.
  • On 2 May 2005 appears in Guatemala Top 40 and November 1 in Ecuador. In Spain begins broadcasting through open DTT in 40 Latin songs in Castilian version 40 TV already aired earlier by Digital +.
  • 2006 Celebrate the 40th Anniversary and April 3 appears only in Argentina for Buenos Aires. La Oreja de Van Gogh breaks the record audience with the release of their single rag doll. Major Awards are born.
  • 2007 Awards They join Major, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.
  • 2008 Hit40 born in Chile in Santiago 101.7 MHz. They join the Top 40 Awards, Ecuador and Panama.
  • 2008 Arrives Lopéz WDM Luis Saez to Latin America through Colombia Top 40.
  • 2009 After his success in Colombia WDM Lopéz Luis Saez reaches Top 40 Mexico.
  • 2009 In March Hit40 going to take again the name of the 40 Main Chile on the same frequency 101.7 MHz Santiago de Chile and under the same format with Hit40 driving, but with the modification of some programs.
  • 2009 In mid-March of that same year to expand WDM is terminated by the Chain Top 40 countries including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.
  • On 15 May 2010 at 07:00 there is a substantial change in the programming clock radio formula in Spain, with the issuance of uninterrupted blocks of commercial-free music, in the first 40 minutes of every hour. The other remaining 20 minutes are divided into four advertising, two national broadcast and two local disconnections, accompanied by two or three songs published.

In early August 2010 introduces a new shift schedule. They offer 47 minutes of hits per hour. In early October 2011, and due to lack of money, the PRISA group (owner of Cadena Ser, Cadena Dial Cadena 40 Principales and who often shared DTT) often gives way to Mediaset. Since then the three chains DTT broadcasts ceased, although other platforms are still transmitting normally.

  • In May 2011 opens application for Smartphones Top 40 iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
  • 2012 In November born America Awards Top 40 in Veracruz, Mexico. Independent from the Top 40 Awards made in Madrid, Spain and some awards in different categories.

On 21 December 2012 the chain continues and reaches expandiendoce Dominican Republic through a partnership between Prisa and Radio Cadena Comercial (RCC) in that country.



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