Los misterios de Laura

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Los misterios de Laura
Genre Comedy, drama, police procedural
Developed by Boomerang TV
Directed by Pau Freixas
Starring María Pujalte
Fernando Guillén Cuervo
Oriol Tarrasón
César Camino
Laura Pamplona
Beatriz Carvajal
Theme music composer Federico Jusid
Composer(s) Federico Jusid
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 32
Executive producer(s) Carmen de Leiva, María José Caballero
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel La 1
Original run 27 July 2009 – Present
Related shows The Mysteries of Laura
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Los misterios de Laura (English: The mysteries of Laura) is a Spanish television series broadcast in primetime on TVE's La 1 since 2009 to present. The show first was going to be named "Madres y detectives" (Mothers & Detectives). It was premiered on July 27 2009 with huge success, surpassing the rival of the night C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation. The series mixes elements of shows like Murder, She Wrote, Columbo, as same as it recovers elements of the mystery novels from Agatha Christie.

It tells the story of Laura Lebrel, a police detective with a disorganized personal and professional life, and a casual and pleasant personality... but with a great smell and intuition to solve intriguing cases.

The show has been adapted in Italy, Russia and the Netherlands. On 8 May 2014 American network NBC announced an American adaptation of the series, titled The Mysteries of Laura and starring Debra Messing.[1][2]


  • María Pujalte as Laura Lebrel: The main character. Her personal and professional life is disorganized, but she manages to combine her role as the mother of twins and as police detective perfectly, always using intuition as a means of connection between her lives. What is surprising is that she does not give importance to material or physical evidence, however, she does give importance to a faded shade, coffee fences on the table, the degrees marking the air conditioning thermostat... she always ends up solving the case at the end of the show with a Sherlock Holmes style, surprising the rest of the characters and the audience.
  • Fernando Guillén Cuervo as Jacobo Salgado: He is the Chief Inspector of the police station where Laura works since the departure of Gerardo, he's also Laura's ex-husband. He is honest and straightforward. He doesn't participate in the investigations of Laura and Martin, he does his work from his office. The relationship with Laura and Martin is not entirely cordial, and "office life" is not at all easy.
  • Oriol Tarrasón as Martín Maresca: A police detective and Laura's partner and sidekick at work. Restless and impulsive, he is the opposite of Laura. After several years working together, they have come to be blended to perfection. Something he shares with Laura is that he doesn't give importance to material or physical evidence. The twins of Laura call him "Uncle Martin." Although no one else knows, he is "DW", the writer of the blog about "The mysteries of Laura", a tangible proof of his affection and admiration for Laura and perhaps something more. He is somewhat promiscuous and flirts with almost all women, something that brings him some problems.
  • César Camino as Vicente Cuevas: A rookie police officer with a lot of nerves and insecurity. The agent Cuevas took over four years to pass the exams to be into the Police Force. His youth, lack of character and lack of experience make him an easy target for criminals who is supposed to stop. His lack of nerve as a field agent is compensated with a great effort to learn and to always follow the orders of his superiors. He is also very good at working with computers, work performed at the police station. His affable and cheerful personality makes him a dear friend of Laura. He wins the heart of Lydia and even asks her to marry him.
  • Laura Pamplona as Lydia Martínez Fernandez: A police detective working at the station. Her way of working hardly fits with Laura, Lydia's working method is systematic, analytical and scientific. She works in the police laboratory. Lydia doesn't consider Laura as a real police detective and clashes with her are obvious. Her relationships with other co-workers is not much better. She has a past life: she changed her name to not be found by her husband. She had a past relationship with Jacobo. Later, Cuevas managed to break the hard shell covering her heart.
  • Beatriz Carvajal as Maribel del Bosque: Laura's mother. After passing through a bad time, Maribel decides to move with her daughter. She loves her grandchildren, but due to their restless nature she did not hold them for long. Instead of removing work from Laura, she seems to give her more. She doesn't like the profession of her daughter, but unwittingly and thoughtlessly she always gives her clues for her police cases when they are discussing them off the record. She has the same casual and pleasant personality of her daughter
  • Raúl del Pozo as Javier Salgado Labrel: Son of Laura and Jacobo, twin brother of Carlos. He's very naughty and makes thousands of pranks with Carlos, even at school.
  • Juan del Pozo as Carlos Sagrado Labrel: Son of Laura and Jacobo, twin brother of Javier. He's very naughty and makes thousands of pranks with Javier, even at school.

Seasons and ratings in Spain[edit]

Season Episodes Premiere Final Ratings
Viewers Share
1 6 July 28, 2009 August 31, 2009 2 201 000 16,0%
2 13 April 25, 2011 July 18, 2011 3 103 000 16,6%
3 13 January 14, 2014 April 8, 2014 2 454 000 12,1%


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