Lose This Life

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Lose This Life
Studio album by Tait
Released November 4, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Rock
Label ForeFront, Epic Japan, Sony BMG Philippines
Producer Brent Milligan, Mark Heimermann, Michael Tait, Matt Bronlewee, Chad Chapin
Tait chronology
Lose This Life
"Lose This Life"
Single by Tait
from the album Lose This Life
Released October 28, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Christian Rock
Length 4:58
Label ForeFront, Epic Japan, Sony BMG Philippines
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link
DcTalkUnite.com (not rated)
Jesus Freak Hideout (not rated) link

Lose This Life is the second studio album by the Christian rock band Tait. According to frontman Michael Tait, the songs all have to do with the striving human passion to know, feel and experience God's love.[citation needed]

It was released by ForeFront Records on November 4, 2003. It was later released to the Japanese market on April 15, 2004 through Epic Records Japan[citation needed] and on March 27, 2005 through Sony BMG Music Entertainment Philippines.[citation needed]

Rob Beckley, lead singer of the alternative rock band Pillar, appears in the second song "Numb". "Lose This Life" is the single that had been released in the U.S. release of Eyeshield 21.

Recording and production[edit]

Pre-production for Lose This Life began during the first week of March 2003.

Track listing[edit]

Album release
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Lose This Life"   Chad Chapin, Mark Heimermann, Michael Tait 5:00
2. "Numb" (featuring Rob Beckley from Pillar) Heimermann, Toby McKeehan, Tait 3:49
3. "Electric Avenue"   Eddy Grant 3:26
4. "Fallen"   Chapin, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Tait 4:21
5. "God Can You Hear Me"   Chapin, Ashley Clark, Heimermann, Tait 5:11
6. "Reconnecting"   Heimermann, Judson Spence, Tait 3:41
7. "Child"   Chapin, Heimermann, Tait 4:22
8. "Heartache"   Heimermann, Tait 5:12
9. "Free Will"   Chapin, Lonnie Chapin, Paul Colman, Heimermann, Tait, Justin York 3:55
10. "Wait"   Chapin, Heimermann, Tait 3:31
11. "Holding out for Grace"   Chapin, Tait 5:01
12. "The Christmas Song"   Mel Tormé, Robert Wells 4:33
Total length:

"Lose This Life" appeared on Gundam Seed, Gran Turismo 4, MahaGoGo, and the U.S. version of Eyeshield 21.[citation needed]

Music video[edit]

The title track, "Lose This Life", is the only song so far to have spawned a music video.


Additional Musicians[edit]