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Original West End production
Basis 2005 album Welcome to Loserville by British pop punk band Son of Dork
Productions 2009 Youth Music Theatre UK South Hill Park Bracknell
2012 West Yorkshire Playhouse
2012 West End The Garrick Theatre

Loserville is a musical with music and lyrics by James Bourne and Elliot Davis originally created for Youth Music Theatre UK. The story is based on an album, Welcome to Loserville from Bourne's second band, Son of Dork.


Loserville is based on computer geek Michael Dork and his friends who are about to change the world. It's just that no-one knows it yet. Michael's also discovered a girl, Holly, a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary. If only he had the courage to talk to her!

You would never expect that the geeks would have inherited the world. But they did! Loserville gives us the seventies with a cast of characters that are totally recognisable and a score that's entirely contemporary. Perhaps things haven't changed that much after all!![1]


West End

The show was originally created, produced and performed by Youth Music Theatre UK in 2009 where it played at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell.[2] James Bourne and Elliot Davis then went on to work again with Youth Music Theatre UK to create new musical Out There. Bourne is also a patron on Youth Music Theatre UK, along with Ed Sheeran, Peter Duncan and Zoe Wanamaker. The production then went on to play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Summer 2012, opened at the Garrick Theatre on 17 October 2012, following previews from 1 October. It was directed by Steven Dexter, designed by Francis O'Connor, choreographed by Nick Winston, costumes by O'Connor & Stephen Snell, sound by Simon Baker and lighting by Howard Harrison. The production was originally set to run until 2 March 2013, but closed early on 5 January 2013.[3] The first school production of Loserville was performed by students from Temple Moor High School (Leeds), Sutton High School (London) and Sutton Grammar School for Boys in March 2014.

Musical numbers[edit]


The principal original casts of all productions of Loserville.

Character West Yorkshire Playhouse Garrick Theatre, London[4]
Michael Dork Aaron Sidwell
Holly Manson Eliza Hope Bennett
Lucas Lloyd Richard Lowe
Eddie Arch Gareth Gates Stewart Clarke
Leia Dawkins Charlotte Harwood
Francis Weir Chris Hardman

Ashley Luke Lloyd played the role of Francis for the majority of the run at the Garrick Theatre, London due to the indisposition of Lil' Chris.

Marvin Camden Daniel Buckley
Huey Phillips Robbie Boyle
Wayne Pagoda Duncan Leighton
Samantha Powden Witney White
Elaine Friend Lauren Hall

West End Ensemble: Jade Albertsen, Sophie Ayres, Laura Bennett, Matthew Bradley, Andrew Carthy, Segun Fawole, Freya Field, Nathan Graham, Dan Krikler, Ashley Luke Lloyd, Megan Louch, Heather Scott-Martin, Shane Walshe and Sarah Watson


Loserville is now available to license through Josef Weinberger Ltd for amateur and professional licenses.[5]


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