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This article is about the American band formed in 1986. For the 1960s American rock band, see Eric Bloom.
Lost And Found
Origin New York, United States
Genres Pop rock[1]
Years active 1986–present
Labels Limb Records
Website http://www.speedwood.com
Members Michael Bridges
George Baum
Notable instruments

Lost and Found is a band formed in Niagara Falls, New York in 1986. The duo consists of two members: Michael Bridges (guitar) and George Baum (piano, recorder, drums, and occasionally the slinky). They have released eleven major studio albums through Limb Records, their independent record label.

Their musical style has been described as "the intersection of The Ramones and John Denver.[2] Their music style is called speedwood; a genre or subgenre of their own creation, also referred to as "acoustic thrash".

Their song "Lions" is one of their most popular, and won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. [3] Other listener favorites include "Multiply", "Baby," "Opener" and "Slide Girl."[citation needed]

Their first big tour was made cross-country on bicycles with no support vehicle. They rode over 8,000 miles and stayed in over 300 different homes while performing at schools, camps, and churches.[2]

Concertgoers are often known to bring along a Slinky. The band explains that there was an empty space in the song "Lions" and they wanted a certain sound at a certain point in the song, and that sound was attained by stretching a Slinky and then quickly collapsing it again. This has evolved to audience members holding up their Slinkies at the appropriate time and shouting "SLINKY!" while Baum actually plays the Slinky.[4]


Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]


  • The DVD (2004)


  • Too Much Time On Our Hands (A Tribute to STYX) (2003)

Other recordings[edit]

  • The Primary Single (1989)
  • This Is Our Prespective [sic] (1992)
  • Background Tracks (1998)
  • Lost And Found Christmas Album (1999)
  • God Feeds Us (2001)
  • Graceland (2003)
  • Single (2003)
  • Just George (2003)
  • Speedwood Hymns (2004)
  • The Early Years (2007)

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