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Loubna Berrada (born March 19, 1976 in Heerenveen, The Netherlands) is a Dutch liberal politician and founding and now former member of the Central Committee for Ex-Muslims. Berrada was raised in a Moroccan immigrant family strictly abiding by Islamic customs. In her twenties she rejected Islam, and the negative reactions to her apostasy made her politically active. She later joined the liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy and founded the party's "Advisory Committee for Integration". Together with Ehsan Jami she founded the "Central Committee for Ex-Muslims" but left because she found Jami had his personal agenda[1] and his increasingly radical anti-Islam stance.[2] She said all she wanted was to make apostasy in Islam debatable.[3] Berrada was a candidate for the liberal Libertas Party for the 2009 European Parliament election.[4]


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