Louis, Count of Évreux

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Louis, Count of Évreux
Louis d'Evreux.JPG
Tomb effigy of Louis d'Evreux
Spouse(s) Margaret of Artois
Noble family House of Capet
Father Philip III the Bold
Mother Maria of Brabant
Born (1276-05-03)3 May 1276
Died 19 May 1319(1319-05-19) (aged 43)

Louis of Évreux (May 3, 1276 – May 19, 1319, Paris) was a prince, the third son of King Philip III of France and his second wife Maria of Brabant,[1] and thus a half-brother of King Philip IV of France.

Louis had a quiet and reflective personality and was politically opposed to the scheming of his half-brother Charles of Valois. He was however close with his nephew Philip V of France.

He married Margaret of Artois, daughter of Philip of Artois and sister of Robert III of Artois, and had five children:

  1. Marie (1303 – October 31, 1335), married in 1311 John III, Duke of Brabant
  2. Charles (1305–1336), Count of Étampes married Maria de la Cerda, Lady of Lunel, daughter of Fernando de la Cerda.
  3. Philip III of Navarre (1306–1343), married Joan II of Navarre.[2]
  4. Margaret (1307–1350), married in 1325 William XII of Auvergne
  5. Joan (1310–1370), married Charles IV of France[3]



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Louis, Count of Évreux
Born: 3 May 1276 Died: 19 May 1319
Preceded by
Count of Évreux
bef. 1303–1319
Succeeded by