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Louis Cole in 2014.

Louis John Cole (born April 28, 1983) is a British film-maker and YouTube personality from Surrey, England. He is best known for posting a daily video blog about his life and travels on the channel "FunForLouis", but originally found fame through filming eating stunts on another channel, "FoodForLouis."

In 2007 Cole purchased and renovated a double-decker bus, equipping it as a mobile center to help homeless youth with music and videogame facilities.[1] The Boombus project now receives funding from local council wards.[2]

Food For Louis[edit]

Cole uploaded the first video to his "Food For Louis" YouTube channel on May 18, 2011, entitled "Eating Live Spider." [3] The clip shows Cole capturing and eating a live house spider. Over the course of the next two years, Cole regularly posted videos in which he was seen to eat a range of unusual foods, including locusts, a raw heart, maggots, a frog corpse, ragworms, and scorpions.[4][5]


In April 2012, Cole posted a video to his YouTube channel Food For Louis that showed him eating a live goldfish. This caused the RSPCA to prepare a case against him under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Since he had previously only eaten invertebrates, the fish was the first incident in which he may have broken the law.[6] The RSPCA's handling of the issue was criticised as "heavy-handed" in the way it pursued a "humane prankster". The case was settled: he admitted his "guilt" and received a caution, avoiding a trial and a possible criminal record.[7] He has received death threats from some animal lovers.[8]

Cole claims his videos are not cruel and that he kills the animals quickly to avoid any unnecessary suffering. He argues that viewers' disgust is based on ignorance of or bias against other culinary cultures.[9] He has denied that his goldfish-eating stunt caused unnecessary suffering, and claims that the RSPCA is "wasting its time" in pursuing the case.[10]

Louis also vlogs on his popular newer YouTube channel Fun for Louis that is a daily chronicle of his life and his world travels. Cole has spoken in some of his vlogs of preferring to continue his documenting his adventures on Fun for Louis as opposed to his unusual eating habits on Food For Louis.


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