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Louis Del Grande (born March 23, 1943) is a Canadian television writer and actor. He is best known for starring in the Canadian mystery/comedy series Seeing Things.

Del Grande, who was born in Union City, New Jersey, came to Toronto in 1964 and soon found work as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer. In 1975, he was hired as head writer for a new sitcom, The King of Kensington, which became a hit in Canada until the end of the decade. He also appeared in the show a handful of times as Fred, a friend of Al Waxman's lead character Larry King.

Seeing Things[edit]

When asked by the CBC if he had any projects he could star in, Del Grande created, wrote and produced Seeing Things, which aired from 1981-87. Del Grande played a crime-solving clairvoyant tabloid reporter who was separated from his wife Marge (played by Del Grande's real-life wife, actress Martha Gibson). Despite being on the marital outs, Marge helped Louie with his investigations and even drove him all over the city (he didn't have a license). The series was popular and won Del Grande four Gemini Awards, two for best actor in a comedy and two for the show itself.

Other roles[edit]

Outside Canada, Del Grande is probably best known as the ConSec scanner in the infamous "head explosion" scene in the David Cronenberg movie Scanners. He has also appeared in numerous TV movies and series, including Due South, The Outer Limits and Goosebumps.

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