Louis Ferstadt

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Louis Ferstadt
Archives of American Art - Louis Ferstadt - 2092.jpg
Louis Goodman Ferstadt, from the Archives of American Art
Born 1900 (1900)
Died 1954 (aged 53–54)
New York City
Nationality American
Known for Painting, muralist, comics

Louis Goodman Ferstadt (1900–1954) was an American muralist and comics artist.


He was a member of the Art Students League of Chicago, in 1923.[1] He created murals at the RCA Building and the Eighth Street Subway station in New York City.[2] He drew comics, including "Chuck",[3] "Mr. Risk",[4] and "The Bouncer."

In 1926–1927, Ferstadt did a comic strip called The Kids on Our Block in the New York Evening Graphic.[5]

Ferstadt working as part of the New Deal


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