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The Tea Party (1905)

Louis Charles Moeller (born in New York City, 5 August 1855; died in Weehawken, New Jersey, 1930) was a United States genre painter.


He was the son of a decorative painter, with whom he served a three years' apprenticeship. He then studied painting in New York with E. M. Ward and Will Low, and in Munich with Feodor Dietz and Frank Duveneck. His meager resources obligated him to return from Munich back home to New York in 1883, where he again devoted himself to decorative painting.

The year of his return, he sent “A Girl in a Snow-Storm” to the National Academy of Design. His second work, “Puzzled,” gained him the Hallgarten Prize, and election as an associate to the National Academy in 1884. He was made a National Academician in 1895.


Among his paintings are:

  • “An Interior” (1886)
  • “A Doubtful Investment”
  • “A Siesta”
  • “Bluffing”
  • ”Discussing the News”
  • ”Card Players” (ca. 1875)
  • ”Elderly Couple Seated at Table”
  • ”Interior of an Artist's Studio”
  • "Jolly Topers" (ca. 1880)
  • ”Legal Advise”
  • “Morning News”
  • “Road to School” (1883)
  • “Short Measure” (1885)
  • “Stubborn”
  • "The Bibliomaniacs"
  • "The Chemist"
  • "The Tea Party" (1905)
  • ”Tending the Cows”
  • ”Unknown Man”




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