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Bronx Obama at the 2014 MontClair film festival

Louis Ortiz (a.k.a. Bronx Obama[1]) is an American and former field technician for Verizon[2] and an impressionist best known for his uncanny resemblance to Barack Obama.[3] Ortiz is the subject of the eponymous The Audacity Of Louis Ortiz, a Kickstarter[4] financed documentary produced and directed by Ryan Murdock .

Career Beginnings[edit]

In August 2008, Ortiz was unemployed, collecting workers compensation and playing in pool tournaments for money. Friends jokingly told Ortiz that his picture was on the front page of the New York Daily News. When Ortiz looked at the newspaper he failed to see the resemblance. Ortiz went to play pool at the Williamsbridge Tavern in the Bronx when Pat, his friend and bartender, noted the similarity to Ortiz. Ortiz, who had facial hair, still couldn't picture the similarity. While many people commented to Ortiz about his likeness to Obama, Pat was the first to mention and encourage Ortiz to parlay the likeness into a financial opportunity. Ortiz, who was unemployed for a year and in desperate need of money, was intrigued by the possibilities. Ortiz shaved his facial hair, and was dumbfounded by the similarity.[5] Pat, who had some experience in modeling, helped Ortiz develop a plan to capitalize on his likeness to the Democratic presidential nominee. Ortiz managed to pull together enough money for head shots and a new suit. With the help from friends at the bar he contacted agents and stuffed envelopes with resumes and head shots. Ortiz practiced his impersonation in the mirror for several weeks then decided it was time to make his first public appearance. September 21, 2008 was the date of the last game to be played at the old Yankee Stadium. Ortiz, costumed in his suit, ascended into the bleachers with several friends, many of whom were retired policemen who pretended they were escorting the actual Barack Obama. Ortiz said it wasn't long before he drew attention from the crowd and grabbed the attention of the audience. [3][5]

Career Highlights[edit]

Ortiz shot a documentary called The Audacity of Louis Ortiz. He signed on with a talent agency, William Gold Entertainment, that has increased his status.[5] He was also on an episode of This American Life.[6] He's had a New York Times feature and a segment on CBS's The Jeff Probst Show. He also appeared in the Japanese feature film Saraba Itoshi no Daitouryou (Good Bye Dear President). He's done commercials for Netherland-based Rabobank, South Korean satellite television provider Skylife, and multinational automotive giant Hyundai’s Times Square interactive billboard campaign. He has been a guest star in myISH’s The Hillywood Show, The Onion, MTV’s Matt’s Apartment, Four Shaw Entertainment’s Tomorrow: The Film, and Australian web series The Nobel Funk Off.[7]


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