Louis Victor de Blacquetot de Caux

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Louis Victor de Blacquetot de Caux

Louis Victor de Blacquetot de Caux (born 23 May 1773 Douai - 6 June 1845) was a Lieutenant-General of Engineering, State Councilor, Minister, Commander of St. Louis and the Legion of Honor.


He was the son of Jean Baptiste de Caux of Blacquetot. He studied at College of Juilly, and he joined the Army, a second lieutenant in the engineers on 1 March 1793. He was in the campaign of the armies of the Ardennes, the Rhine, and Moselle. He distinguished himself in fighting at the Battle of Erbach, Dillingen, at the Battle of Neresheim and crossing the Danube, and at Korich, and Bourgrieden.

He was appointed Battalion commander in 1799, and was appointed by Moreau, to settle with the Ferdinand, Graf Bubna von Littitz, an armistice on the streets of Ulm, Ingolstadt and Philipsburg, occupied by the Austrians. In 1800 he married the flower painter Iphigénie Milet-Moreau, the daughter of Louis Marie de Milet de Mureau. He was employed successively to the Army Reserve in 1806, where he served as Chief of Staff, Engineer.

In 1807 he directed the personnel offices of the Department of War, and equipment of the imperial corps of engineers. He was one of the senior officers at the Walcheren Campaign. In 1813, he was awarded, the title of baron and the rank of colonel. During the invasion, he was commissioned by the Duc de Richelieu to settle with the occupation of foreign troops on French territory.

He was appointed a brigadier on April 20, 1814, and Director of military and police, and State Councilor in 1817, and Viscount and Commander of St. Louis in 1817, Lieutenant-General July 30, 1823. He was Minister of War from January 21, 1828 to August 8, 1829. He created a supreme council of war under the presidency of the Dauphin. He was named Peer of France in 1832.

He died in June 1845 at the age of 70 years.

Political offices
Preceded by
Aimé, duc de Clermont-Tonnerre
Minister of War
4 January 1828 - 8 August 1829
Succeeded by
Louis-Auguste-Victor, Count de Ghaisnes de Bourmont


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