Louisa Moritz

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Louisa Moritz
Born Louisa Castro[1]
(1946-03-25) 25 March 1946 (age 68)
Havana, Cuba[1]
Other names Louisa Moritz-Fine

Louisa Moritz (born 25 March 1946) is a Cuban-born American actress.

Early life[edit]

Louisa Moritz was born Louisa Castro in Havana, Cuba and left Cuba during the upheaval of the 1950s, hiding on a ship and eventually making her way to New York City. She chose the stage last name of Moritz after seeing the Hotel St. Moritz in New York City.[1]


TV movies[edit]

TV appearances[edit]


Louisa Moritz's first appearance on television was in a commercial for Ultra-Ban, a spray deodorant.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

In 1976 Moritz, with the help of her personal assistant Steve Osburn, fellow actor Monte Bane, and friend Don Monte of the National Enquirer, moved out of her Hollywood Boulevard apartment into her first home on Mount Olympus in the Hollywood Hills.[citation needed]

Her Hollywood friends included: J. Howard Marshall, husband of Anna Nicole Smith, Ernest Borgnine, casting director Marvin Paige, Joe Namath, Flip Wilson, Arlena Sue Farber, Will Sampson, Steve Osburn, Bonita Money, etc.[citation needed]

She sold real estate in the Los Angeles area and later married (in 1979–1980) producer Billy Fine, who some years later cast her in one of the films he produced called "Jungle Warriors" (1984).[citation needed]

Louisa bought a hotel on South Reeves in Beverly Hills and renamed it "The Saint Moritz Hotel" after herself.[citation needed]

Moritz has always had the dream of being an attorney like her father and uncle. Her dream finally came true when she finished law school and passed the California bar exam.



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