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Portrait of Louise Creighton aged 28 by Bertha Johnson, 1878.

Louise Hume Creighton, née von Glehn (7 July 1850 – 15 April 1936) was a British author of books on historical and socio-political topics and an activist for greater role of women both within society and within the Church of England.[1] In 1872, she married Mandell Creighton, later a historian and bishop in the Church of England. The couple had seven children.[2] Her cremated remains were buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, London in the grave of her husband, the Bishop of London.

She was a daughter of Robert von Glehn of Sydenham, London; and a brother of Alfred de Glehn the French steam locomotive engineer. She was the mother of seven: Beatrice in 1872, Lucia in 1874, Cuthbert in 1876, Walter in 1878, Mary in 1880, and Oswin in 1883; and finally Gemma, born in 1887.

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