Louise Latham

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Louise Latham
Born (1922-09-23) September 23, 1922 (age 92)
Hamilton, Texas, United States
Occupation Actress
Years active 1961-2000

Louise Latham (born September 23, 1922) is an American actress, perhaps best known for her portrayal of Bernice Edgar in Alfred Hitchcock's film Marnie (1964). Most of her work has been on television. In 1965 she made two appearances on Perry Mason, both roles as the murderer: Matilda Shore in "The Case of the Careless Kitten" and Shirley Logan in "The Case of the Cheating Chancellor".

She made other appearances on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Hawaii Five-O, Ironside, Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, Family Affair as Aunt Fran, who leaves Buffy (Anissa Jones) in the care of Uncle Bill (Brian Keith) in the show's first episode, Designing Women (as Perky, the mother of Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker), The X-Files, and The Invaders in the 1967 episode "Genesis". Latham's character was the first to learn the real circumstances of Dr. Richard Kimble's wife's death in the final episode of The Fugitive (1967). She was a regular in the cast of the short-lived 1976 CBS series Sara.

She appeared in such films as Mass Appeal (1984), The Philadelphia Experiment (1984), Paradise (1991) and Love Field (1992). Her Broadway credits include the 1956 revival of Major Barbara, Invitation to a March (1960), and Isle of Children (1962).

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