Louise Moillon

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Louise Moillon
Moillon, Louise - The Fruit and Vegetable Costermonger - 1631.jpg
Fruit seller, 1631.
Born Louise Moillon
Died December 21, 1696(1696-12-21) (aged 86)
Nationality France
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Louise Moillon (1610–1696) was a French painter in the Baroque era. She became known as one of the best still life painters during her time.[1] She worked for King Charles I of England, as well as the French nobility.


Moillon came from a strict Calvinist family. Her father, brother Isaac, and stepfather were both paint dealers and artists themselves.[2] According to the RKD, Louise (also known as Louisa) learned to paint from her father Nicolas Moillon and Francois Garnier. She gained her particular style of still life painting from the Académie de Saint-Germain-des-Prés. She usually signed her paintings with Louyse Moillon.[3] Moillon lived and worked in France her whole life.


Fruit basket with asparagus, 1630.

The majority of her work was done in the 1630s, before her marriage in 1640 to wealthy timber merchant Etienne Girardot de Chancourt.[4] Though her last dated work is from 1645, she died of heart failure during 1696. Her work continues to be admired for its quiet style. Four still-life paintings, once thought to be Moillon's, have now been reattributed to Osias Beert, a Flemish still life artist.[5]


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