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Louisiana Highway 3 marker

Louisiana Highway 3
Route information
Maintained by Louisiana DOTD
Length: 35.8 mi[1] (57.6 km)
Existed: 1955 renumbering – present
Louisiana scenic byways.pngLouisiana Scenic Byways:
Northwest Louisiana Scenic Byway
Major junctions
South end: I‑20 / US 71 / LA 72 in Bossier City
  US 79 / US 80 in Bossier City
I‑220 in Bossier City
LA 2 in Plain Dealing
North end: Hwy. 29 at Arkansas state line north of Bolinger
Parishes: Bossier
Highway system
  • Louisiana Highway System
LA 2 LA 4

Louisiana Highway 3 (LA 3) is a state highway located in Bossier Parish, Louisiana that runs 35.8 miles (57.6 km) in a north–south direction from a junction with Interstate 20 (I-20), U.S. Highway 71 (US 71), and LA 72 in Bossier City to the Arkansas state line north of Plain Dealing.[1]

LA 3 connects Bossier City, the largest city in Bossier Parish, with the town of Benton, the parish seat. Apart from the interchange with I-20 and US 71 at its southern terminus, LA 3 also connects to I-220, the northern bypass of Shreveport and Bossier City. North of Benton, LA 3 passes through Plain Dealing where it intersects LA 2, Louisiana's northernmost cross-state route.

The majority of LA 3, extending from I-220 north to the Arkansas state line, is part of the Northwest Louisiana Scenic Byway, one of the state-designated Louisiana Scenic Byways.[2]

Route description[edit]

From the south, LA 3 begins at an intersection with LA 72 (Old Minden Road) in Bossier City. Opposite this intersection are ramps leading to a partial interchange with I-20 and US 71 at the point where the two highways begin a concurrency across the Red River westward into Shreveport. Traffic from southbound LA 3 can enter I-20 westbound only (concurrent with northbound US 71), and traffic from eastbound I-20 (concurrent with southbound US 71) can exit to LA 3 north at Exit 20B. All movements are supported between LA 3 and US 71.[1][3][4]

From this intersection, LA 3 proceeds north along Benton Spur, a four-lane, undivided thoroughfare with center turning lane, and continues onto an overpass across the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) tracks. It then intersects the concurrent US 79 and US 80 at East Texas Street. US 79 and US 80 head west across the Red River into Shreveport and eastward parallel to I-20 into Minden. LA 3 continues northward and enters an interchange with I-220 (Exit 11), a northern bypass of Shreveport that connects to I-20 westbound toward Dallas, Texas and eastbound toward Monroe. Shortly after this interchange, LA 3 crosses out of the Bossier City limits, and the center turning lane is replaced by a median. Over the next 7.0 miles (11.3 km), LA 3 continues northward, closely following the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) tracks through points such as Vanceville and Willow Chute, before entering Benton, the seat of Bossier Parish.[1][3][4]

Upon entering town, LA 3 narrows to an undivided, four-lane highway. At 5th Street, LA 3 intersects LA 162, which heads east toward the Cypress-Black Bayou Recreation Area. LA 3 narrows again to a two-lane, undivided highway just before crossing out of Benton and remains in that capacity for the remainder of its route. Shortly thereafter, the highway crosses over to the west side of the Union Pacific Railroad via an overpass. Continuing northward for another 5.4 miles (8.7 km), LA 3 intersects LA 160 at a point near Hughes. LA 160 heads west through Rocky Mount to Cotton Valley in Webster Parish.[1][4][5]

Now separated from the railroad, LA 3 continues north for another 8.2 miles (13.2 km) to an intersection with LA 2 (Mary Lee Street) in the town of Plain Dealing, where it gains the local name of Louisiana Street. LA 2 heads west to Hosston and Vivian, connecting to US 71 and LA 1 at those respective points, and east toward US 371 at Sarepta. Several blocks east of this intersection, LA 157 heads northeast to Springhill at the Arkansas state line.[1][4][5]

2.3 miles (3.7 km) north of Plain Dealing, LA 3 intersects LA 537 at a point known as Bolinger. LA 3 continues northward for a final 5.0 miles (8.0 km) before reaching the Arkansas state line and continuing as Arkansas Highway 29 toward Bradley.[1][4][5]


In the original Louisiana Highway system in use between 1921 and 1955, the entire route of the modern LA 3 was part of State Route 10.[6] LA 3 was created with the 1955 Louisiana Highway renumbering,[7] and its route has remained the same apart for two minor shifts at the southern terminus in Bossier City.[8]

In the summer of 1966, I-20 was opened in Bossier City from the Red River Bridge at Traffic Street to Barksdale Boulevard (US 71).[9][10] As part of this construction, the southernmost portion of LA 3 was shifted onto a new connector, 0.3 miles (0.48 km) in length, known as Benton Spur in order to be aligned with a partial interchange with I-20 at LA 72 (Old Minden Road). The former route along Benton Road then became LA 3 Spur until its deletion from the state highway system in 2010.[3]

The second and most recent route change occurred in January 2008 upon completion of the Benton Road Overpass, also in Bossier City.[11] This overpass was constructed on the west side of the existing at-grade crossing of the Kansas City Southern Railway which was formerly a source of traffic congestion on Benton Road.[1][11]

Major intersections[edit]

The entire highway is in Bossier Parish.

Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Bossier City 0.0 0.0 I‑20 west – Shreveport, Monroe
US 71 (Barksdale Boulevard) – Shreveport, Coushatta
LA 72 (Old Minden Road) to I‑20 east
Southern terminus; Exit 20B on I-20 (westbound entrance and eastbound exit);
US 71 (all movements)
0.9 1.4 US 79 / US 80 (East Texas Street) – Shreveport, Minden
3.0 4.8 I‑220 – Dallas, Monroe Exit 11 on I-220
Benton 12.9 20.8 LA 162 east (5th Street) Western terminus of LA 162
Hughes 19.5 31.4 LA 160 – Rocky Mount, Cotton Valley
Plain Dealing 27.7 44.6 LA 2 (Mary Lee Street) – Hosston, Sarepta
Bolinger 30.8 49.6 LA 537 west Northeastern terminus of LA 537
  35.8 57.6 Hwy. 29 north – Bradley Northern terminus; LouisianaArkansas state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Spur route[edit]

Louisiana Highway 3 Spur[edit]

Louisiana Highway 3
Location: Bossier City
Length: 0.26 mi[12] (0.42 km)
Existed: 1966–2010

Louisiana Highway 3 Spur (LA 3 Spur) ran a distance of 0.26 miles (0.42 km) along Benton Road in Bossier City.[12] It provided an alternate connection to LA 72 at the southern terminus of LA 3.

The route was added in 1966 when LA 3 was slightly re-routed to connect with the ramps to the newly constructed section of I-20 between the Red River Bridge at Traffic Street and US 71 at Barksdale Boulevard. LA 3 Spur was deleted from the state highway system in 2010 and returned to local control.

The entire highway was in Bossier City, Bossier Parish.

Mile[12] km Destinations Notes
0.00 0.00 LA 72 (Old Minden Road) Southern terminus
0.26 0.42 LA 3 (Benton Road, Benton Spur) Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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