Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1916

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The Louisiana gubernatorial election of 1916 was held on April 18, 1916. Like most Southern states between Reconstruction and the civil rights era, Louisiana's Republican Party was virtually nonexistent in terms of electoral support. This meant that the Democratic Party primary held on January 25 was supposed to be the real contest over who would be governor. However, in this particular election Progressive Party nominee John M. Parker ran an unusually competitive campaign, garnering 37% of the general election vote. The election resulted in the election of Democrat Ruffin G. Pleasant as governor of Louisiana.


Democratic Party Primary, January 25[1]

Candidate Votes received Percent
Ruffin G. Pleasant 84,407 73.71%
Thomas C. Barret 30,112 26.29%

General Election, April 18[2]

Party Candidate Votes received Percent
Democratic Ruffin G. Pleasant 80,807 62.51%
Progressive John M. Parker 48,085 37.20%
Independent Horace Noonan 357 0.28%


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