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There are a number of swamps in Louisiana. Lake Martin is one of them. Swamplands are marshes with different kinds of shrubs and trees. Louisiana Swamplands have different kinds of animals, including the American Alligator and the American Black Bear.

Lake Martin[edit]

Lake Martin, located in St. Martin Parish, is a wildlife preserve and one of Louisiana's swamplands. The swamplands are home to a few trails as well as many different kinds of animals such as herons, egrets, ibis, bullfrogs, cottonmouths, alligators, and coypu (nutria) rats. Despite its classification as a wildlife reserve, however, there have been minor problems with litter and vandalism.


Locating Swamplands[edit]

Swamplands are usually located on the plains of humid states or countries. Louisiana is not the only home to great swamplands; other flat states with humid enough climates may also house them. One way to find swamplands is to follow the alligator population.

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