Lourinhã Formation

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Lourinhã Formation

The Lourinhã Formation is a geological formation in West Portugal, named for the municipality of Lourinhã, from which a wide array of fossils comes. The formation is Late Jurassic in age (Kimmeridgian/Tithonian) and is notable for containing a fauna similar to that of the Morrison Formation in the United States and the Tendaguru beds in Tanzania.

Besides the fossil bones, Lourinhã Formation is well known for the fossil tracks[1] and fossilized dinosaur eggs.[2]

The geological subdivisions are the Amoreira-Porto Novo Members and the Sobral Unit.[3]

Fauna of the Lourinhã Formation[edit]

Flora of the Lourinhã Formation[edit]

  • Pterophyllum mondeguensis
  • Pterophyllum sp.
  • Sphenolepis choffati

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