Love (2005 film)

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Love 2005 film.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by Vladan Nikolic
Produced by Jim Stark
Written by Vladan Nikolic
Starring Sergej Trifunović,
Geno Lechner,
Peter Gevisser,
Didier Flamand
Music by Standing in Lines
Cinematography Vladimir Subotić
Edited by Vladan Nikolic
Distributed by Forward Entertainment LLC
Release dates
April 21, 2005
Running time
93 min.
Country United States,
Serbia and Montenegro
Language English
Budget $350,000[1]

Love is a 2005 independent feature film, written, directed and edited by Vladan Nikolic, produced by Jim Stark (Down by Law, Night on Earth, Factotum) and executive produced by Christoph Thoke (Tropical Malady). The film was made in New York City for $350,000, with a cast and crew from over 20 countries, with 168 scenes, shot at over 60 locations. The film was shot on mini DV in 20 days, transferred to 35mm film, and received high praise in the September 2005 issue of American Cinematographer for its stylish look.[citation needed]

It impressed audiences and critics at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and the Oldenburg Film Festival.[citation needed] Love also won the Prix De Jeunes at the Cinéma Tout Ecran festival in Geneva, Switzerland. Critics compared the film to Pulp Fiction, Memento, Rashomon, and in its political subtext to Marathon Man and Dirty Pretty Things (Variety).

Told through a non-linear narrative from each of the characters' points of view, the film reconstructs the stories of a Yugoslav hit man (Sergej Trifunovic), his former lover (Geno Lechner), and her police officer boyfriend (Peter Gevisser), as their paths cross in New York.


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