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Love Grown Foods is a natural food company that manufactures a line of breakfast foods it advertises as all natural. They have four products, Oat Clusters, Hot Oats Cups, Super Oats, and Power O's. The company was founded in January 2008 by Maddie D’Amato and Alex Hasulak after developing their product line in at the University of Denver. The company markets its products in grocery stores across The United States and Canada.


Love Grown Foods was founded in Aspen, Colorado by Maddy D’Amato and Alex Hasulak. They met at the University of Denver, where they founded the company in January 2008.[1] The two founders market Love Grown by spending time in stores that carry their products and educating customers on the benefits of their products.[2]

After one year, Love Grown granola was being sold in 80 super markets across Colorado and Wyoming. At the start of the company, the couple cooked all of their products themselves in a commercial kitchen near their Stapleton neighborhood.[3] To promote their products, D’Amato and Hasulak would spend weekends in local supermarkets where they handed out samples of their product and espoused their company's corporate beliefs. The company has been noted for contributing to the revitalization the moribund economy of the Aspen region by the local newspaper, The Aspen times.[4]


The two founders met as freshman at the University of Denver. They were friends for years, and became romantically involved soon after graduating. They were roommates during their final year, and graduated in three years. As seniors, D’Amato (’08) and Hasulak (’08) asked University of Denver students for help in perfecting their homemade granola recipe. They did so by bringing samples of their product to campus for their classmates and teachers.[5] Maddy and Alex were engaged to marry in the fall of 2014.


Love Grown Foods’ slogan is, "Made with Love".

Their stated corporate goal is for their company to provide an all-natural and healthy means of life for its customers.[3] The mission is to create nutritional foods that are available to everyone, while educating kids, parents, and teachers on the importance of eating healthy. Additionally the company promotes its products heavily using various social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin; it also maintains a corporate blog on WordPress.


Love Grown Foods only has varieties of granola now, but it plans to add a line of energy bars and gels, and trail mixes.[5] The products are promoted as gluten free, as they do not contain wheat or other related grains. The company has received favorable reviews for their products from the,[6] The Aspen Times,[4] The Denver Post and other media outlets.[7][8]

In November 2009, Website Chowhound named Love Grown’s "Sweet Cranberry Pecan" flavor number one in a granola taste test that included well-known brands such as Ola! and Bear Naked. The company's "Cinnamon Apple Walnut" came in at number six in the survey.[9]


Love Grown Foods faces competition from other natural granola companies. Bear Naked is by far the largest competitor because of the national availability of Bear Naked products. Ola! Granola is similar to Love Grown, but is currently only in the North Eastern United States.[10] Another Colorado based competitor is Udi’s granola. Udi’s Healthy Foods has a larger market share, spreading through parts of the Pacific States and Upper Midwest.[11]

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