Love Is a Stranger

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"Love Is a Stranger"
Single by Eurythmics
from the album Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Released 8 November 1982
28 March 1983 (Re-issue)
25 February 1991 (2nd Re-issue)
Format 7", 12", CD single (1991 release)
Recorded 1982
Genre New wave, electronica, synthpop
Label RCA
Writer(s) Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart
Producer(s) David A. Stewart, Adam Williams
Eurythmics singles chronology
"The Walk"
"Love Is a Stranger"
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
Eurythmics chronology
"(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry"
"Love Is a Stranger" (1991 release)
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (1991 release)
Alternative covers
1991 re-issue cover
Music sample
Music video
"Love Is a Stranger" on YouTube

"Love Is a Stranger" is the fifth single by the British rock/pop duo Eurythmics. Originally released in late 1982, the single was commercially unsuccessful, but it was rereleased in 1983 when it became a hit, reaching the UK Top Ten. The single was re-released again in 1991, to promote Eurythmics' Greatest Hits album.

It was produced by David A. Stewart and Adam Williams and was self-financed at Eurythmics' 8-track facility in Chalk Farm.

Song Information[edit]

The song has a fairly sparse, up-tempo arrangement. It uses the rare Movement Systems Drum Computer and various synthesizers (providing bass, melody lines and sound effects), including the Suzuki Omnichord, combined with Lennox's strident multi-tracked vocal harmonies. The song is also punctuated with vocal grunts from Stewart.

Originally released in November 1982 in the United Kingdom, the song reached a disappointing #54 on the singles chart.[1] Following the huge success of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" the following year, the song was re-released and reached #6 in April 1983.[2] In the United States, the song was the second single from the Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) album and it was released just as the title track reached number one. It entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #81 on 17 September 1983 and peaked at #23 on 12 November of that year. The song was in the charts for thirteen weeks.[3][4]

Music video[edit]

The single release was accompanied by a striking music video directed by Mike Brady, in which Stewart acts as chauffeur for an androgynous Lennox, who plays the role of a high-class prostitute. During the course of the video, Lennox removes a curly blonde wig to reveal her trademark, close-cropped, red hair underneath, though in the music video her hair was slicked back rather than being a buzz cut as seen in the subsequent music video, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)". This caused minor controversy in the USA, as some people mistakenly thought Lennox was a male transvestite.[citation needed]


The single B-side was "Monkey Monkey", a stripped-down electro track featuring a sparse drum machine and sequenced synthesizer arrangement, with Lennox's vocal heavily electronically processed. The bass-line consists of a rhythmically shifting motive permutating against the drum pattern. Lennox plays with half-articulated fake-French soundings and extremely long intonations.

The 12-inch single contains an additional track, "Let's Just Close Our Eyes", a completely alternative version of their previous single "The Walk"

Track listings[edit]

  • A: "Love Is a Stranger" (LP version) – 3:43
  • B: "Monkey Monkey" (Non-LP track) – 5:20
  • A1: "Love Is a Stranger" (LP version) – 3:43
  • B1: "Monkey Monkey" (Non-LP track) – 5:20
  • B2: "Let's Just Close Our Eyes" (Non-LP track) – 4:19

Chart performance[edit]

Original release[edit]

Chart (1982) Peak
UK Singles Chart[1] 54

1983 release[edit]

Chart (1983) Peak
Belgian Singles Chart[citation needed] 6
Canadian Singles Chart[5] 15
Dutch Singles Chart[6] 12
French Singles Chart[7] 51
German Singles Chart[8] 12
Irish Singles Chart[9] 4
Japanese Singles Chart[citation needed] 60
New Zealand Singles Chart[10] 20
South African Singles Chart[11] 2
UK Singles Chart[2] 6
U.S. Billboard Hot 100[12] 23
U.S. Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs Chart[13] 7

1991 Reissue[edit]

Chart (1991) Peak
UK Singles Chart[14] 46

Cover versions[edit]



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