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This article is about the Prudence Liew album. For the KAT-TUN single, see Love Yourself (Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki).
Love Yourself
Studio album by Prudence Liew
Released May 1, 2000[1]
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Mandopop
Label Rock
Producer Jonathan Lee
Prudence Liew chronology
夜有所思,日有所夢 (Thoughts in the Night, Dreams During the Day)
愛自己 (Love Yourself)
大開色界新曲+精選 (Opening the Sexual Boundaries)
Singles from Love Yourself
  1. "每次我都很認真 Everytime, I Take It Very Seriously"
    Released: April, 2000

愛自己 Love Yourself is the first mandopop album and twelfth overall studio album by the Hong Kong pop singer Prudence Liew, released on May 1, 2000, in Taiwan.

Album information[edit]

After a six-year break from the Hong Kong music industry, Liew signed a record deal with the Taiwanese record label Rock Records through her friend and colleague, Sandy Lam. Production of this began in 1999. It was recorded in Vancouver, Singapore and Taipei and produced by Lam's then-husband, Jonathan Lee.[2]

Only one single was released from this album, "Everytime, I Take It Very Seriously". A music video was produced to accompany the track. Soon after the release of the single and album, Liew returned to San Francisco, where she resided at the time. Her next major comeback was eight years later, with her concert series, Opening the Sexual Boundaries.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tell You My Story
  2. 每次我都很認真 (Everytime, I Take It Very Seriously)
  3. 因為我沒有 (Because I Have Not)
  4. 傷人太重 (Hurting Someone Too Severely)
  5. The Last Night
  6. 讓步 (Give Way)
  7. 偷想 (Secretly Thinking)
  8. 旅行 (Vacation)
  9. 關燈 (Turn Off The Light)
  10. 好好過下去 (Live Well From This Point Forward)


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