Love at First Sight (film)

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For other uses, see Love at first sight.
Love at first sight
Directed by Rezo Esadze
Written by Bella Abramova, screenplay by Eduard Topol, lyrics by Bulat Okudzhava
Music by Yakov Bobohidze
Cinematography Yuri Vorontsov
Distributed by Lenfilm, Gruziafilm
Release dates 1977
Running time 90 minutes
Country Soviet Union

Love at First Sight (Russian: Любовь с первого взгляда, Georgian title - Erti nakhvit shekvareba) is a 1977 Georgian/Soviet comedy film by Lenfilm and Kartuli Pilmi (Romance/Drama).

Plot summary[edit]

Film narrated about the first love of Murad Rasulov, an Azerbaijani ninth-former and a passionate football fan. He's in love with a girl two years older than him. This seemingly insignificant circumstance together with the girl's family tradition became a serious but brief obstacle for newlyweds.

The director's cut of the film released in 1988.


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