Lovedale, India

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Lovedale railway station
The Nilgiri Passenger at Lovedale

Lovedale is a little town situated in the Nilgiri Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is one of the highest places above mean sea level in the Nilgiris. Presently this is a place notable for tourism.

Nearest Large Population Area[edit]

  • Ooty (5 km away). the Queen of Hills is located just 5 km away frm Lovedale.
  • Conoor (16 km)
  • Wellington


Permanent ethnic population is about 1000-1500 people. The residents of The Lawrence School would add another 1000 to this.


The Lawrence School is a residential school . Other than that, Lovedale has a small Post office and a bank (branch of SBI) both of which primarily serve the Lawrence School.

Educational institutions[edit]

Ways to Reach Lovedale[edit]

  • By Rail: The NMR (UNESCO World Heritage Site) passes through Lovedale. Lovedale is the second last railway station on the route to Ooty from Mettupalayam and is also the highest station on the entire route.
  • By Road: Lovedale is situated just 5 km from Ooty and one can take a taxicab or bus from there. Bus is the cheapest way to get there with tickets costing just Rs 5 .

Places to Stay[edit]

There are no hotels or lodges in Lovedale and hence the only places to stay may be a private guest house half way between Lovedale and Ooty or . Hence, the only viable option is to stay in Ooty where there are plenty of hotels in every price range.

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