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This article is about the Ohio trail. For the Foothills Nature Trail in Colorado, see Round Mountain National Recreation Trail.
Loveland Bike Trail

The Loveland Bike Trail is a rail trail in Ohio. It is a section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail within the Loveland, Ohio city limits in Clermont County. Like most of the longer trail, it was built along the right-of-way of the abandoned Little Miami Railroad, on the Little Miami River. Along with 15 other city parks, the trail corridor is maintained by City of Loveland Recreation Commission. The trail was opened in the 1980s[1] and became part of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in 1984.[2] It is currently used by 175,000 to 200,000 people annually.[3]

The Tour de Loveland, an annual cycling race named after the Tour de France, was started in the 1990s, to promote the Loveland Bike Trail as the centerpiece of Historic Downtown Loveland. The tour featured a route that included many Downtown streets, as well as separate races for younger cyclists. On January 24, 2005, Loveland City Council voted to cancel the Tour, due to declining attendance and a lack of sponsors.[4]


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