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"Loving Wings" is a song by the American band Dave Matthews Band (DMB). Having been released on 6 different live albums,[1] "Loving Wings" is the most widely released song that has not been recorded for a studio album that Dave Matthews Band has released.[2] It has been fully played a total of 77 times during various concerts.[3]

History of the Song[edit]

The initial phase of the song began as an instrumental introduction to the song "Where Are You Going"[4] having first been played live on May 10, 2002 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.[5] Initially started as a guitar riff by Dave Matthews, by the summer of 2002 the song grew into the more commonly known version with every member of the band playing a part.

Live Releases[edit]

The Gorge Dave Matthews Band

The Gorge Special Edition Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA 24 October 2002 DMBLive Series, Dave Matthews Solo

Live Trax Vol. 2: Golden Gate Park DMB Live Trax Series, Dave Matthews Band

Warehouse 5 Vol. 8 Warehouse Fan Association Compilation, Dave Matthews Band

Warehouse 8 Vol. 5 Warehouse Fan Association Compilation, Dave Matthews Band

Live In Las Vegas Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds


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