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Full name Lovisenlund idrettsplass
Location Larvik, Norway
Coordinates 59°03′38″N 10°01′44″E / 59.0605°N 10.0289°E / 59.0605; 10.0289Coordinates: 59°03′38″N 10°01′44″E / 59.0605°N 10.0289°E / 59.0605; 10.0289
Surface grass
Larvik Turn (football, athletics)

Lovisenlund is a multi-purpose stadium in Larvik, Norway.

It is the home ground of Larvik Turn. The record attendance is about 17,000, from a 1956 match between Larvik Turn and Fredrikstad FK.[1] It was used for the Norwegian football cup final of 1931, when Odd played Mjøndalen IF.[2] The venue hosted the Norwegian Athletics Championships in 1979.[3]


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