Lowell Fire Department

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Lowell Fire Department
Agency Overview
Employees 201
Staffing Career
Fire chief Edward J. Pitta
Facilities & Equipment
Stations 8
Engines 8
Trucks 4
Rescues 1
Fireboats 2
Ambulances N/A

The Lowell Fire Department(LFD) provides fire protection and Basic Life Support (BLS) services to the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, the state's fourth largest city. The Lowell Fire Department serves and protects over 105,000 residents of the city and are often called out on mutual aid to the surrounding cities and towns.[1]



Administration - Responsible for maintaining all records and reports kept by the department.
Fire Prevention Office - Responsible for building inspections and fire education throughout the city of Lowell.
Arson Bureau - Responsible for investigating any suspicious fires or explosions to determine the cause of the fire. Works with the State Fire Marshal's Office.
HAZMAT Unit - Responds to any fires that involve hazardous materials or if any of these materials become spilled, etc.
Training - Responsible for the in-service training program. All new firefighters must graduate the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy.
EMS - Responsible for providing Basic Life Support (BLS) at medical emergencies.
Dive Team - Responds to any scenes involving people/animals/objects trapped or lost, mostly in the Merrimack River which runs through the center of the city of Lowell.


Fire Station Locations and Apparatus[edit]

Below is a full listing of all fire station and apparatus locations in the city of Lowell. Fire Headquarters is located at 99 Moody St., the JFK Civic Center.

Engine Company Ladder Company Special Unit Command Unit Address
Engine 1 Car 3(Deputy Chief) 795 Gorham St.[2]
Engine 2 Ladder 2 45 Branch St.[3]
Engine 3 Ladder 3 Rescue 1, Haz-Mat. 1 Car 1(Chief of Department), Car 2(Deputy Chief) 99 Moody St.[4]
Engine 4 Dive Rescue 1 198 High St.[5]
Engine 6 Ladder 4 284 W. 6th St.[6]
Engine 7 273 Pine St.[7]
Engine 10 Brush 1 57 Old Ferry Rd.[8]
Engine 11 Ladder 1 741 Lawrence St.[9]

Media References[edit]

Beginning in September 2011, several firefighters from the Branch Street station are featured in an American television commercial for the Wendy's chain of fast-food restaurants.[10]