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This article is about the existing line of the Lower Inn Valley railway. For the high-speed line, see New Lower Inn Valley railway.
Lower Inn Valley railway to the north of the Inn at Fritzens. Work on the New Lower Inn Valley Railway is under way next to the line.

The Lower Inn Valley Railway (German: Unterinntalbahn) is a two-track, electrified railway line that is one of the major lines of the Austrian railways. It was originally opened as the k.k. Nordtiroler Staatsbahn (Imperial and Royal North Tyrolean State Railway). It begins at the German border near the Austrian city of Kufstein as a continuation of the Rosenheim–Kufstein line and runs in a generally south-westerly direction through Tyrol along the Inn valley to Innsbruck. The line is part of the Line 1 of Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). The line is owned and operated by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).


Lower Inn Valley Railway
Line number: 302 01 Border near Kufstein–Wörgl Hbf
101 04 Wörgl Hbf–Innsbruck
Line length: 74.921 km
Track gauge: 1435 mm
Voltage: 15 kV, 16.7 Hz AC
Maximum speed: 160
from Rosenheim
GermanyAustria border
A12 Inntal Autobahn
and B175 Wildbichler Straße
2.339 Kufstein S1  482 meters (1,581 ft)
B171 Tiroler Straße
Former freight railway to Schwoich/Eiberg
A12 Inntalautobahn
6.617 Schaftenau S1 
7.038 Siding)
7.041 Kufstein 2 crossover (Üst)
8.480 Langkampfen S1 
HSL (in planning) from Brannenburg
Schaftenau junction
HSL (in planning) from Wörgl 2 junction
A12 Inntalautobahn
Change of chainage (-209 m)
11.920 Kirchbichl S1  494 m (1,621 ft)
B178 Loferer Straße
Salzburg-Tyrol line from Salzburg Hbf
16.027 Wörgl Hbf S1   S2   S6  505 m (1,657 ft)
17.300 Wörgl Terminal south 506 m (1,660 ft)
18.400 Wörgl Terminal north 505 m (1,657 ft)
18.500 Wörgl West (in planning) 505 m (1,657 ft)
22.308 Wörgl Kundl S1   S2  510 m (1,670 ft)
HSL (in planning) from Schaftenau junction
24,969 Radfeld junction
HSL to Stans junction
26.969 Radfeld 2 crossover
29.991 Rattenberg-Kramsach S1   S2 
Rattenbergtunnel (L 182 m)
31.303 Brixlegg S1   S2  524 m (1,719 ft)
36.027 Brixlegg 2 crossover
37.181 Münster-Wiesing S1   S2  526 m (1,726 ft)
A12 tunnel (L 190 m)
from Mayrhofen (Ziller Valley Railway)
Freight connection
(route change, transhipment to Rollbock)
from Seespitz am Achensee
40.882 Jenbach S1   S2  530 m (AA)
41.509 Relocation of original track
Run off from Achensee power station
HSL from Radfeld junction
≈43.9 Stans junction
HSL to Fritzens-Wattens 2 junction
44,580 Jenbach 2 crossover
45,712 Stans bei Schwaz S1   S2 
45,800 Stans bei Schwaz(until 14 August 2011)
45,795 Stanser tunnel (L 634 m)
Stanser Bach
46,869 End of relocation of original track
48.360 Schwaz S1   S2  538 m (1,765 ft)
51.694 Pill-Vomperbach siding
51.694 Pill-Vomperbach S1   S2  ( siding) 544 m (1,785 ft)
52.721 Schwaz 2 crossover
A12 Inntalautobahn
54.267 Schwaz 3 crossover
55.231 Terfens-Weer S1   S2 
59.067 Fritzens-Wattens S1   S2  555 m (1,821 ft)
61.339 Volders-Baumkirchen S1   S2 
HSL from Stans junction
62.361 Fritzens-Wattens 2 junction
Innsbruck bypass to Innsbruck 1 junction
63.822 Fritzens-Wattens 3 crossover
66.606 Hall in Tirol S1   S2   S3 
70.093 Rum S1   S2   S3 
71.210 Hall in Tirol 3 crossover
72.426 Siding
to Innsbruck Fbf (goods station)
75.130 Innsbruck Hbf S1   S2   S3   S4   S5  582 m (1,909 ft)
Arlberg Railway to Bludenz and
Brenner Railway to Bolzano/Bozen

The line was the first railway in western Austria, opened on 24 November 1858. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria had ordered its construction in 1853.

New line[edit]

Concrete shell for the New Lower Inn Valley railway

In order to increase the capacity of the track and in preparation for the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel a new high-speed line has been built between Kundl1 junction and Fritzen-Wattens 1 junction (at Baumkirchen). It was opened on 9 December 2012 for scheduled traffic. The great majority of this line has been built in tunnel in order not to increase noise pollution in the Inn valley. The new route is designed for mixed traffic up to 250 km/h and is fitted with ETCS Level 2 signalling system.[1][2] An extension of the new line from Kundl/Radfeld to Brannenburg is in the planning phase.


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Coordinates: 47°15′48″N 11°24′04″E / 47.2633°N 11.4010°E / 47.2633; 11.4010