Lowes Menswear

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Lowes Menswear
Industry Retail
Founded 1898
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Area served Australia; New Zealand
Products Clothing
Website http://www.lowes.com.au/

Lowes Menswear is an Australian menswear chain established in 1898. They primarily sell workwear, suits, clothes for larger men, and schoolwear. Lowes has recently added ladieswear, surfwear, and boyswear.

Lowes Menswear store in Wagga Wagga.

The Lowes Menswear chain includes 187 shop locations (as of February 2014) in all Australian states and mainland territories. The three main shops in New South Wales include Westfield Miranda, Bankstown, and Wynyard (located in Sydney's central business district). Lowes' head office and warehouse is located in Arncliffe. Since 2008 Lowes also has kick-started their Internet store business. This allows the chain business to reach every corner of Australia and New Zealand.

Lowes is a privately owned family company.


They are known for their use of past and present rugby league personalities in their commercials, most notably Paul Sironen, Paul Vautin, Daryl Brohman and Mark McGaw. Their television ads proclaiming you could good priced, quality clothing "At Lowes" became famous in Sydney during the 1980s and 1990s. Imre Salusinszky is a model for the brand's $99 suit.[1]


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