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A Lowrider Club (C.C.) is an organized car club of lowriders who follow a series of traditional rules for participation, including, but not limited to, a group of elected officers; a probationary period for new members and the wearing of a specific club patch or shirt. Also, there is a measure of privacy about their internal structure, bylaws, and membership; and some level of sworn allegiance to other members of the club.

C.C. members are not usually referred to by their given names, but instead refer to each other by nicknames, or road names, sometimes displaying their road name on the club shirt.


The earliest car clubs were started following the 1940s, though the reputedly oldest lowrider club is the DUKES c.c., founded in 1965. The Dukes first got together in 1965. The club went on for some four years, breaking up in 1969. The club started up again but between 1970 and 1977, the ghost of the club carried on. Socially the Dukes hire out to weddings and quincieneras as chauffeurs. They also have club picnics and enter the better car shows. The Dukes are from 38th street gang in the southwest area of LA CA.


The membership process for most lowrider clubs begins as a guest or "hang-around", wherein an individual is invited to some club events or meets club members at known gathering places. If the guest is interested, they may ask to become a member. If accepted, they remain a prospective member, or prospect, for some minimum time period, participating in some club activities, but not having voting privileges, while they are evaluated for suitability as full members. Some clubs refer to a potential member as a probationary member, or probate. Though probationary status is usually reserved for those that already have the necessary knowledge and experience to be members. For example, if an entire chapter switches from one club to another, the members are Probationary members for some period of time.

To become a full member, the prospect or probate must be voted on by the rest of the full club members. Successful admission usually requires more than a simple majority, and some clubs may reject a prospect or a probate for a single dissenting vote. Some form of formal induction follows, where in the new member affirms his loyalty to the club and its members.


Enchanted Dreamz Car & Lowrider Bicycle club in 2003 @ the Miami Orange Bowl

The colors for some clubs can consist of a single, one-piece logo, while other clubs may have a three- (or more) piece logo and are often referred to as plaques. They are commonly replicated in a metal such as aluminum or steel and are polished and or chromed and detailed with paint and are displayed in the rear window of the lowrider attached by brackets. This displays the vehicle and owners club affiliation.

The club plaque in any form always remain property of the club itself, not the member, and only members are allowed to wear the club's colors. A member closely guards his colors. Allowing ones colors to fall into the hands of an outsider is an act of disgrace and may result in loss of membership in a club, or worse.

Gangs,Outlaws and Outside of Stereotyping[edit]

Lowrider clubs are often perceived as criminal organizations or, at best, gangs of hoodlums or thugs, by traditional society. This perception has been fueled by the movies, popular culture, and highly publicized isolated incidents. But underneath that stereo typical view that some see, is actually a family oriented group of individual's that share the love for restoring and customizing classic and some newer automobiles and bicycles. In other word's "Don't Judge a book by it's cover"

List of Lowrider Car and Bike Clubs[edit]

Alma Latina Car Club
Amigos Car Club
Aztec Kings Car Club
Boulevard Aces Car Club
Boulevard Bombs Car Club
Brown Impressions Car Club
Classic Luxury Car Club
Cowboys Life Car Club
Dukes Car Club
El Barrio Car Club
Endless Passion Car & Bike Club
Good Times Car Club
HOODS Car Club
Individuals Car Club
Jokerz Car Club
Majestics Car Club
Nice Dreams Car Club
Pura Familia Car Club
Rollerz Only Car Club
Romantics Car Club
Semper Fidelis Car Club
Sick Dreams Car Club
Solitos Car Club
The Outfit Car Club
Uce Car Club
Viejitos Car Club


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