Lowy Institute for International Policy

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Lowy Institute for International Policy
Abbreviation Lowy Institute
Formation 2003
Type Foreign policy think tank
Executive Director Michael Fullilove
Website lowyinstitute.org

The Lowy Institute for International Policy is an independent think tank endowed by Frank Lowy to conduct original, policy-relevant research about international political, strategic and economic issues from an Australian perspective. It is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Its research and analysis are claimed to be non-partisan, and its active program of conferences, seminars and other events are designed to inform and deepen the debate about international policy in Australia and to help shape the broader international discussion of these issues.


The institute's website offers publications for free download. In 2006 the regular talks began to be recorded and made available on the website.[1]

The Lowy Institute for International Policy launched a blog 'The Interpreter' in November 2007. According to former Executive Director Allan Gyngell: "it aims to provide you with fresh insights into international events and a new way to engage with the Institute."

Board of directors[edit]

The institute's board comprises several notable Australian policy makers and business people.[2]

Notable staff[edit]

  • Alan Dupont, Non-Resident Senior Fellow
  • Michael Fullilove, Executive Director and Director of the Global Issues Program
  • Rory Medcalf, Director International Security Program
  • James Brown, Military Fellow

Former staff[edit]

Lowy Poll[edit]

The annual Lowy Poll surveys a nationally representative sample of the adult Australian population on foreign policy issues and is the Lowy Institute's flagship publication. It is wholly funded by the Lowy Institute and its results are widely cited in the Australian and international media. The Lowy Institute has also conducted opinion polling in Indonesia, New Zealand and China. The first Lowy Poll was in 2005.

New Voices[edit]

Each year, the Lowy Institute hosts a seminar with a specific theme relevant to international policy, which is attended by early-career professionals, who have the potential for extensive careers in public policy.

Links to Outcomes Reports[edit]

Year Theme
New Voices 2004 A la carte sovereignty: Australia's transforming borders
New Voices 2005 Binding the World Together
New Voices 2006 Technology and International Relations
New Voices 2007 International Leadership
New Voices 2008 Responsibility in a Globalised World
New Voices 2009 Networked
New Voices 2010 Global Encounters


The Lowy Institute requested the government to reverse their position on the ban on Australia-India uranium deal causing many commentators to question the power of lobbyists that ignores the public debate, including Lowy Institute's lobbying.[4][5] Lowy Institute strongly responded that they have an open debate and re-stated their non-partisan position.[6][7] Lowy Institute's rebuttal was questioned, pointing out baseless responses and having potential conflicts of interests.[8][9]

The format of The 2011 Lowy Institute Poll [10] was considered inadequate for formulating Australian policy compared to studies undertaken by CSIRO, Ipsos-Eureka, Cardiff University, Stanford University, and Yale University.[11] Telephones were considered difficult in allowing respondents to think about questions and has double barrelled questions.


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