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Doorway of The Royal Oak, carving by William Bloye.

Lozells is a loosely-defined inner-city area in the West of Birmingham, England. It is centred on Lozells Road, and is known for its multi-racial population. It is part of the ward of Lozells and East Handsworth and lies between the districts of Handsworth and Aston.

Lozells has a high population density compared to East Handsworth. It is a very ethnically diverse area with a high population of people of Afro-Caribbean, Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin. Housing in Lozells consists mainly of terraced houses, which were constructed during the Industrial Revolution when the area became industrialised and the workers required housing. The housing is a mix of private and council housing with some newer housing being constructed in the post-war period, post-war Tower-Blocks/Estates.

Lozells Road was the scene of violent riots on the night of the 22 October 2005 which left two men dead and a police officer shot and wounded. The Lozells riots were started by an unsubstantiated rumour about a girl being raped, broadcast on a pirate radio station. Four men were later jailed for their part in the riots.[1]

20 years earlier, rioting from 9–11 September 1985 occurred along Lozells Road in the 1985 Handsworth riots, with many shops, houses and vehicles being burnt in rioting, with extensive looting also taking place. Racial tension, high unemployment and hostility towards the police were seen as major factors of the rioting.[2]

The Royal Oak pub on Lozells Road (now a shop) has a doorway by William Bloye.

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