Luís Miguel Rocha

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Luís Miguel Rocha
Born 1976[1]
Occupation Novelist, producer
Nationality Portuguese
Notable work(s) The Last Pope

Luís Miguel Rocha (born 1976) is a Portuguese author, television writer and producer.[2]


Rocha was born in Porto. He was raised in Viana do Castelo, a town north of Porto. Prior to publishing his first novel, Rocha wrote and produced television in London, England. Rocha's debut novel, The Last Pope, was published in 2006. The novel examines the conspiracy theories about the death of Pope John Paul I.

The Holy Bullet, also known as The Holy Assassin, his second novel, was published in 2010.

"The Pope's Assassin", also known as "The Papal Decree" is the third book of the Vatican series.


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