Lu Xun Park (Shanghai)

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Sculpture of Lu Xun in Lu Xun Park
Luxun Museum in Shanghai Luxun Park

Lu Xun Park (simplified Chinese: 鲁迅公园; traditional Chinese: 魯迅公園; pinyin: Lǔ Xùn Gōngyuán), formerly Hongkou Park, is a municipal park in Hongkou District of Shanghai, the People's Republic of China. The park is located on 146 East Jiangwan Road, right behind the Hongkou Stadium.


In Guangxu 22nd year (1896), the Bureau of Construction of Shanghai International Settlement purchased a rural land of 39.1 acres (158,000 m2) at the end of North Sichuan Road outside its boundary, and initiated the construction of a shooting field for international commercial groups. Following the style of the sports park in Glasgow, United Kingdom and designed by a British garden designer, it was named Hongkou Amusement Park. In 1905, it was rebuilt as "Hongkou Sports Games Park and Shooting Field. It was renamed "Hongkou Park" in 1922.

The park is dedicated to Lu Xun, and contains the Luxun Museum of Shanghai and Lu Xun's tomb.[1]


The park can be easily reached by taking Shanghai Metro Line 3 or 8 to Hongkou Stadium station


Coordinates: 31°16′22.21″N 121°28′42.33″E / 31.2728361°N 121.4784250°E / 31.2728361; 121.4784250


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