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Lublin Army (Polish: Armia Lublin) was an improvised Polish Army created on September 4 1939 from 1 motorized brigade and various smaller units concentrated around cities of Lublin, Sandomierz and upper Vistula river. It was commanded by Maj. Gen. Tadeusz Piskor.


Forces as of 31 August and German plan of attack.
Forces as of 14 September with troop movements up to this date.
Forces after 14 September with troop movements after this date

It was tasked with defending the crossings through Vistula river from Modlin (near Warsaw) to Sandomierz.

Operational history[edit]

After having been forced to retreat from Warsaw, it was defeated together with Kraków Army during the first battle of Tomaszów Lubelski (September 17-20).


The Army was commanded by general Tadeusz Piskor; his chieff of staff was colonel Jan Zawisza. Units: