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PhDr.Luboš Blaha PhD. (born 1979) is a Slovak Marxist philosopher, political scientist and politician. Currently he is a Member of Parliament for the left-wing SMER party.[1]

He worked for the former Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Pavol Paška (SMER).

Blaha worked for the Communist Party of Slovakia as the Head of the International Department.[2]

After the 2006 Slovak parliamentary election Blaha worked for the Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Pavol Paška of the social democratic SMER party. Additionally Blaha works as a political scientist at Slovak Academy of Sciences and as a doctor of philosophy and teaches at a university. In the 2010 Slovak parliamentary election Blaha ran as a candidate for the SMER party.[3]

In 2006 Blaha wrote a book called "Social Justice and Identity".[3]

In 2009 Blaha wrote another book with the title "Back to Marx?" which was awarded by the Prize of Slovak Literature Fund as the 2009 best book in Slovakia in the category of Humanities and Social Sciences.[4] Within this book Blaha draws a philosophy of a social security system deriving from conservative, liberal and social democratic concepts.[5] The book includes a justification of a theory of justice based on the radicalization of the theory of American philosopher John Rawls and on the replacing of the Marx’s criterion of labour (one’s skills and abilities) by the criterion of laboriousness (one’s pure effort and will to work). In the book, there are sections about the economic democracy (e.g. the example of Basque cooperative of Mondragon), models of welfare state, including the German one, the British one and the Swedish one, and about the basic left-wing values like social justice, positive freedom, public property and social rights.[3]

"Back to Marx?" is currently translated into English and there are some plans to translate the book into Russian.[3]


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