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Luc Bihan (born 1957, in Orleans, France) is a sculptor, artist, graphic artist and animation director.


At age 16, Luc Bihan decided to leave his parents to pursue his passion: art. He traveled around Europe until he arrived in San Francisco in 1980. After winning a scholarship for best painting at San Francisco Art institute, he went back to France, looking for work. He traveled around the world showcasing his talent. He arrived in Toronto in 1999, where he became an animation director for Nelvana, Canada's most prestigious Animation Institute for developing Television programs aimed at children and youth.

Besides his unique sculptures, he accomplished to become the director for the TV Series Babar and two of Brian Jacques popular Redwall novels: in 2000 and 2001.

He is very active in the art community and has worked at several art schools. He also taught at a French secondary school Le Collège français for a short while. Bihan's clay sculptures are unique and different, his style brings intrigue to the art lover with his various uses of complexity, and motion in many of his works.

In 2005, Luc Bihan started working on concepts and philosophies of LucSculpture School and Studios and established LucSculpture on the Danforth, in Toronto East end. The school offers painting, figure drawing and the all palette of clay sculpture courses, and also welcomes artists in residence, studios for artist, and a prime Gallery to honor the arts. The two key philosophies of LucSculpture are to focus on personal creativity and to be ecologically friendly.

Luc Bihan currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

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