Luca Longhi

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The Lady and the Unicorn by Luca Longhi, portrait by Giulia Farnese

Luca Longhi (1507–1580) was an Italian painter of the Mannerist period, born and active near Ravenna, where he mainly produced religious paintings and portraits.

His works include The Marriage of Saint Catherine (1529), The Lady and the Unicorn,[1] Adoration by the Shepherds,[2] and Virgin and Child with Saints Sebastian and Rocco, another work included The Martyr of Saint Ursicinus (oil on canvas) and Cesare Hercolani.[3] A skilled portrait painter, he painted numerous portraits of local dignitaries, patricians, and professional men of Ravenna. He trained two of his children, Francesco Longhi (1544–1618) and Barbara Longhi (1552–1638). Barbara, as a woman was unusual among painters of the time, collaborated with him on several of his later works, including Marriage of Canae (1580), incorporating portraits of Barbara and Francesco Longhi. Both he and his daughter were among the artists mentioned by Vasari.


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